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Cookie Policy

[Ygnis is a GROUPE ATLANTIC brand]

1. What is a Cookie or tracker ?

A cookie is a small data file stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site or view an advertisement. Their main purpose is to collect information about how you browse sites and to offer you customize services.


Ygnis uses GROUPE ATLANTIC Cookies to run its web sites or optimize their operation, and to provide use analyses.


Cookies generated by parties other than the owner of the web site (partners) are known as “third-party Cookies”. They are used to provide third-party features on the site (product recommendations, interactive content) and also to analyze the use of the site and its services.

Third-party Cookies are particularly used to implement functions for tracking users as they browse the web; these are called “trackers” and they enable the site’s publishers to analyze the user’s browsing history and adapt the content, offers and performance of the site so that they are tailored to your information requirements.

The issuing and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of those third parties.

In the case of Cookies issued by social networks, we have no control over the process they use to collect information about your browsing on our site and associated with the personal data they hold. We suggest that you consult the privacy policies of the relevant social networks to find out the purposes, particularly advertising, for which any browsing information they might gather is used. Their privacy policies should in particular enable you to exercise your right to choose in relation to these social networks through the user account settings for each network.


2. What are the Cookies issued on our site used for?

The Cookies and trackers installed on our site are used for the purposes of browsing our web site, optimization, audience measurement and customizing the content and offers that we might suggest to you.

We use cookies to provide you with an optimized user experience adapted to suit your personal preferences. By setting up cookies and trackers, we can save you from having to enter the same information again every time you visit one of our web sites, for example. Cookies also help us to optimize the performance of our web sites, mobile sites and mobile applications. In particular, they can make browsing more user-friendly and help you find what you need more quickly.


3. What type of Cookies ?

Different types of Cookie Who generates these Cookies?
Essential Web Site Cookies:
These Cookies are essential for providing the services that we offer on our Web Site and make it possible to use some of its features, such as access to secure areas.
They are mainly proprietary Cookies that are created by Groupe Atlantic.
Performance and Functionality Cookies:
These Cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of our Web Site, but are non-essential to its use. However, without these Cookies, some functionality such as display settings might become unavailable.
These are proprietary Cookies generated by Groupe Atlantic, or third-party Cookies (such as Google).
Analytics and Customisation Cookies:
These Cookies collect information that is used in aggregate form to help us understand how our Web Site is used, measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, or help us adapt how the web site behaves to suit the visitor.
We mainly use Google Analytics for analytics Cookies. This is a third-party cookie.
Advertising Cookies:
These Cookies are used to improve the relevance of the advertising messages and display content that you are likely to be interested in. They perform certain functions such as preventing the same advert from continuously reappearing, ensuring that advertisements are properly displayed for the advertisers and, in some cases, selecting adverts depending on your interests.
These are proprietary Cookies generated by Groupe Atlantic, or third-party Cookies (such as Double Click, which is owned by Google).
Social Networking Cookies:
These Cookies are used to enable you to share content from our web sites with third parties, via sharing features offered by social networks or other web sites. These Cookies can also be used for advertising purposes. The social network providing an application button like this is able to identify you through its presence, even if you didn’t use it when browsing our site/app.
This type of application button can enable the social network in question to track how you browse our site, simply because you were logged into your social networking account on your terminal (open session) while you were browsing.
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


4. How long are the Cookies stored for ?

The storage time for cookies varies depending on the type of Cookie; it is no longer than thirteen (13) months.


5. Allowing or blocking Cookies

When you first visit our site, you are informed that you have the right to block Cookies that are non-essential to the operation of the site.

You are offered several options for managing Cookies. Any settings that you make might change your experience of browsing the Web and our site, as well as how you access certain services that require the use of Cookies.

You can indicate your Cookie preferences via your web browser (see below) or via the managing Cookie preferences banner that we provide on our site.

To configure the Cookie management options for your browser, we suggest that you consult your browser’s help menu or visit the dedicated pages for each browser:

Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en&hlrm=en

Safari: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

Firefox: http://https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences

Opera: https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies


6. More information abour Cookies

For more information about Cookies, you can visit the BfDI (German Data Protection Authority) site at the following address: https://www.bfdi.bund.de/DE/Home